Pistol Flagler Gun and Archery Club

The formal Pistol Range has 28 shooting positions with target placement at 7, 15 or 25 yards only. There are 4 dedicated seated shooting positions.

You may shoot pistols, rimfire rifles, and Pistol Caliber Carbines at this range.  As a courtesy to fellow members, if you are shooting big bore pistols or revolvers and there are other shooters present, we ask that you use one of the Action Bays.  This is not required, but rather a courtesy. If there are no other shooters present, feel free to make as much noise as you please.

There is no rapid-fire, drawing from a holster, or plinking allowed on this Range. The Action Range and Bays allow for this style of shooting.

Thursday mornings there is an informal pistol match practice with fellow bullseye shooters. If you would like to participate, bring your pistol and ammo and show up at 9:30.

You will need to bring your targets, staple gun, and hearing and eye protection to the Pistol Range. One target is allowed per (provided) target backer and stand. It must be centered on the target frame.  There is no cross-lane firing allowed.  The first member to arrive at the Pistol Range is assigned as the Range Safety Officer and will call Hot and Cold Ranges as per the SOP's.

Please make sure you communicate with other shooters if you need the range to go cold.

Please police your brass when you are finished shooting.