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Action Shooting is available on the Action Range and the nine Action Bays. Allowable 'actions' include drawing from a holstered firearm, plinking, movement while shooting, shooting from alternate positions including supine, prone, behind barriers, etc. As a reminder, unless there is a scheduled event where all shooters are controlled by a Range Safety Officer, ALL targets must be placed at the base of the berm.

Scheduled events include Cowboy Fast Draw, Club Defensive Pistol Matches, Steel Challenge, 2 & 3 Gun Matches, Glock Matches, and others. If you would like to participate in any of these matches, check the Calendar for dates and times.

                                                                                                            Coming up February 17-18  
Project Appleseed is returning to the Flagler Gun Club for a full weekend of rifle marksmanship and American heritage on February 17 - 18, 2024.
Skilled Marksmanship: An American Tradition
You can’t write the story of America without including several chapters about the skill and bravery of our forefathers. On April 19, 1775, at Lexington and Concord, American colonists stood with muskets in hand and faced down the British army forces that were trying to seize their arms. The colonists did it with grit, determination, and superior marksmanship. They were real marksmen: nobly and ably putting their skills on the line in pursuit of Lady Liberty.
We are the descendants of those fearless men and women who earned our liberty on the battlefield. We honor their pursuit of liberty by passing along the skills and knowledge that aided them in securing it. Today’s Rifleman understands that owning and mastering a rifle is part of his/her American heritage. Whether you’re a new shooter or a seasoned marksman, Project Appleseed can help transform you from a person with a rifle into a principled and skilled Rifleman.
Our nationwide, all-volunteer program (the primary activity of the RWVA, a qualified 501 (c) 3 public charity organization), endeavors to take rifle owners and make them into Riflemen by teaching the essential elements of marksmanship in a safe, family-friendly environment. Historically, an American rifleman could consistently hit a 20” target all the way out to 500 yards using standard rack-grade centerfire rifle and factory ammo and employing no artificial supports other than a sling.
We teach both the use of iron sights as well as scopes and any standard caliber rifle permitted at Flagler Gun Club is acceptable. .22’s are popular due to the relatively inexpensive ammo and minimal noise and recoil. By using reduced scale targets, initial instruction and practice is done at 25 meters, which means less time walking back and forth from the target line to the firing line. Subjects covered include firearms safety, attaining rock-solid field positions (prone, seated, kneeling, standing) using skeletal support aided with a shooting sling, finding and employing your Natural Point of Aim (NPOA) to facilitate precise rapid-fire shooting on multiple targets, and the Six Steps to firing a shot. Other elements covered are sight adjustments using minutes of angle, proper fitting of your rifle, transitions and reloads under time pressure, Rifleman’s Cadence in rapid fire, target detection, ranging, wind compensation, and much more. Our Instructors put in nearly 200 hours of training so they can teach the skills that if practiced will one day allow a Rifleman to be accurate out to 500 yards. The teaching methods used have been proven for generations of riflemen and Project Appleseed instructors are some of the best in the business, adhering to standards rarely equaled in the shooting world. 
This particular event will be a “low-round count” event which will focus on refining techniques with dry practice before significant live fire.
We have had some mature and responsible 8-year-old students and the most experienced shooter was in his late 70’s.  If you have a physical limitation we can, and will, adapt the materials to allow you to participate as fully as you wish.
The marksmanship program is first-class but many students say that the history and heritage, which is also part of an Appleseed event, is memorable, entertaining, and inspiring. During the course of the weekend, well-researched stories of the early days of our Revolutionary War are passionately told by the instructors to reconnect ordinary Americans with their extraordinary heritage. We focus on the events surrounding April 19, 1775. [if you cannot make it out in February, we will be back to Flagler Gun Club in 2024 on April 20-22, October 19-20, and December 7-8].
Whether you come for the marksmanship, the history, or both, you will leave the event a safer, more capable shooter with a greater understanding of and appreciation for the brave men and women who helped form our country. New shooter or old pro, Appleseed will help make you better.
Pricing remains reasonable for a full two days of instruction and shooting:
Adult$ 75
Under 18 (ID may be required to verify age)$ 30
Law Enforcement/w ID$ 30
Military Active, Reserve, & Guard/w ID$ 30
Disabled, Re-enactors in period dress, & Elected officials w/ID/Proof$ 30
There is a $10 per day Range Fee to Flagler Gun Club for non-members, $7.50 per day for members and no Range Fee for persons under 18.
You can sign up for this weekend's event at:
For more information including or call Glenn Padgett at 386-679-3862, email

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