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Basic Pistol/CCW Class - Normally offered on the 4th Saturday of the month - 1-5 PM.

As of June 1, 2023, a Florida issued CCW Permit is no longer required to carry a concealed pistol in Florida. It is required, however, for a Florida resident to legally carry a pistol in the currently 37 other states who have reciprocity agreements with Florida. The course also contains information and experience valuable for both new and experienced shooters.

The Basic Pistol/Concealed Carry Class is offered monthly, taught by certified NRA Instructors with years of experience. It covers the function, design, selection, and use of pistols, revolvers, and ammunition, along with safe gun handling, and basic shooting skills such as sight picture, trigger control, stance, and grip.  You will also receive hands-on live-fire instruction on the range.  If you are a beginning shooter, bring your .22 LR pistol and ammunition for this class, and bring the handgun you intend to carry, with ammunition. Also, bring any accessories and handbooks for all equipment. If you do not have a handgun, we will provide one if requested prior to the course.

f you are an experienced shooter, just bring your carry gun and ammunition. A .22 LR pistol is optional for experienced shooters. The range portion of the course will be conducted on a covered outdoor firing line. Dress appropriately, including shoes that completely cover the feet. Ear and eye protection is required on all ranges.

To reserve your seat email,  along with a copy of the front of your driver's license to ensure accuracy in issuing your certificate of completion. This will be returned to you at the class.
Cost is $60 for non- members and free to members during their first six months as a Club member. Class size limited to 8 students. The class is usually offered on the fourth Saturday of the month, other than on holidays. Check the FG&AC calendar to confirm the date, and note any changes.

The class begins at 1PM in the Trap Field building and concludes at the pistol range, at approximately 5 PM.  Arrive by 12:45 PM to complete enrollment prior to class.

Please note that while this course contains the basics necessary to safely carry and use a pistol, and uses materials taken from the NRA pistol course, it does not include all the topics and activities to completely meet the official NRA Pistol Course requirements. The official NRA Pistol Course will periodically be offered at the FG&AC, will be listed on the club calendar, and members will be notified accordingly. 

Florida Wildlife Commission Hunter Training Program

Hunting is a great way for friends and family to spend time together while experiencing Florida’s natural beauty. Every hunting adventure is an opportunity to learn about wildlife and their habitats and build outdoor skills. And if the trip afield is successful, you can enjoy healthy, locally-sourced meals!.

The Sunshine State offers a diversity of species to pursue including white-tailed deer, wild hogs, alligators, wild turkeys, waterfowl, dove, bobwhite quail and small game species such as gray squirrel, rabbits and raccoons.

Anyone born after May 31, 1975, who is 16 years old or older must pass a state certified hunter safety course before they can purchase a Florida hunting license that allows them to be able to hunt unsupervised. Hunter safety courses are designed to help students become safe, responsible and knowledgeable hunters and learn about conservation.

The classroom portion of the course is presented at a nearby community center with the shooting portion of the course being conducted at the FG&AC. Check the FWC web site or the club calendar for dates.

A wealth of information about hunting in Florida can be found at

Introduction to Shooting for Ladies
We will be reintroducing a specially developed program, based on and adapted from the National Rifle Association program – Women-On-Target.  It is designed specifically to familiarize ladies with firearms who may have them in their home or have relatives who shoot, but who are not experienced themselves and wish to become more knowledgeable.

Participation in the shooting experience is enthusiastically recommended but is not required to attend the instructional presentation. The range experience is the best way to become familiar with firearms and provides an opportunity to fire both low recoil rifles and handguns.

As with all of our educational programs, safety is stressed and practiced.  Hearing and eye protection is required as it is on all ranges.  The range experience will be conducted outdoors on a covered firing line. Shoes that completely enclose feet are required. Appropriate dress is required. 

Beginners are most welcome as are those with some experience who wish to become more completely informed.
Check the club calendar for scheduling.  For more information, contact Our Public Relations Chair at or by phone at the club number (888) 823-4251 Option 1

Shooting Experience Clinics
Occasionally, department directors offer both beginning shooter orientation sessions and workshops for shooters experienced in other venues who would like to try or become more proficient in, something different.  These will normally be advertised to members via email and included on the monthly calendar.

More information will be available from the points of contact included in the notices and club calendar.
Club members and other shooters wishing to begin shooting Skeet or Trap can contact the club Education Director at  Specialized shotguns are not required as long as chokes are adjustable or able to be replaced.

The FG&AC is an National Rifle Association affiliate and will occasionally offer NRA firearms courses in Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun shooting. NRA courses are comprehensive and produce a standard for firearms training that is recognized world-wide.

Professional firearms training companies often conduct part or all of their training using FG&AC facilities. These courses tend to be more tailored to specific interests than NRA courses. Organizations that conduct these courses are rigorously vetted by the FG&AC board to become sponsored.

Currently, one company that offers these courses is Survival Training LLC. The courses they offer are listed on the club calendar and those offered in 2023 are listed below.

Handgun Skills Training for All Levels of Experience

The owners of Survival Training, LLC -- John Falldorf and Tara Dixon Engel -- have joined The Flagler Gun & Archery Club and will offer a variety of classes on-site for members and non-members alike, with a discount offered to members. These classes have been vetted by the FG&AC and are found to be very well administered and conducted, and would provide great benefit to all members of the shooting community.

John is a retired law enforcement officer and a current Police Academy Instructor for The Florida Dept of Law Enforcement. He spent 27 years in law enforcement in addition to working at and managing numerous gun shops and ranges through the years, both in Ohio and Florida.

Tara is the author of The Handgun Guide for Women, among several other books, and is a USCCA Training Counselor and both an NRA and a USCCA-certified instructor in numerous disciplines. She is the former VP of Training for the National Association of Chiefs of Police and currently oversees marketing for the fourth largest Safety Council in the U.S. Survival Training also served as the training management company for The Shooting Center at The American Police Hall of Fame.

Beginner’s Basic Defensive Handgun
Check the club calendar for scheduled dates and times.
$90 non-member / $80 member (members: enter code FLAGLER for discount)
If you’ve never held or shot a gun before (or if it’s been a long time), THIS is the class for you. This class is geared toward both male and female, new/rusty shooters, and it builds your comfort level by teaching the mechanics of a firearm, how it works, how to handle it safely, how to load it, unload it, manipulate the cylinder on a revolver or the slide on a semi-automatic, basics of personal defense, situational awareness etc. Limited shooting...gentle approach for those uneasy about firearms.

Register here:  
Or find out more at

Marksmanship Versus Defensive Shooting
Check the club calendar for scheduled dates and times
$90 non-member / $80 member (members: enter code FLAGLER for discount)
This skill drills course teaches the mechanics of marksmanship and the intuitive response of point (defensive) shooting. Classroom SIRT gun exercises give way to live fire on the range, as we work to help you perfect your form, get comfortable with the act of shooting, and understand how a defensive encounter is vastly different from square range shooting. Whether you have a CCW or plan to take advantage of Florida’s “constitutional carry,” this is a great class to begin practicing defensive shooting. 

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Or find out more at
Women’s Comprehensive Defensive Shooting
Check the club calendar for scheduled dates and times
$165 non-member*; $155 member. (members enter code: FLAGLER in order to get discount).
An intensive all-day course that takes women through the mechanics of firearms and defensive shooting, from the fundamentals to more advanced concepts and tactics. Features lots of student interaction, classroom drills, discussion, and hands-on exercises (includes pizza lunch!) Ideal for ladies who wish to push themselves in a woman-only training environment.

Register here:  
Or find out more at

Home Defense and Concealed Carry Principles
Check the club calendar for scheduled dates and times
$155 non-member*; $145 member. (members enter code: FLAGLER in order to get discount).
A perfect class for beginners or for more seasoned shooters who want to better understand personal defense outside the home, home defense, safe firearms manipulation, the concealed carry laws in the state of Florida and how recent changes in the law apply to you. The class is lively, interactive and very detailed. You will learn practical skills as well as Florida firearms law from the perspective of a law enforcement trainer and lots of info that will make you a better, safer gun owner.

To register for any of these classes, go to: or click on the link on our calendar.
Questions? Email or text your question to 937-367-1926. 


Customized Workshops
We can offer shooting and learning experiences and workshops to representing civic, fraternal, religious, educational, and other organizations. Please contact the education director to discuss your objectives at
Appleseed Project – We Make Riflemen
Project Appleseed teaches the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and intertwines these skills with the history and heritage of our great nation.  This is a totally non-political organization that reacquaints participants with the past and offers them the knowledge and rifle skills necessary to help ensure freedom for the future.  Appleseed welcomes riflemen at all current levels of proficiency to a great shooting experience; if you can shoot now, Appleseed can help you shoot better.

Appleseed is family-friendly, offering children an opportunity to share with mom and dad learning marksmanship skills and firearms safety, and to gain responsibility and confidence and learn history that is often lacking in our schools.

Instructors are among the most accomplished marksmen in the country, have received over 125 hours of training, and can assure participants of the highest levels of safety and a rich learning experience.  Appleseed weekends are offered at the Flagler Gun and Archery club at least yearly. More information can be obtained at and our club calendar.